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Nov. 11th, 2008

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo

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Shannon W. Hennessy's Dewey Decimal Section:

012 Bibliographies of individuals

Shannon W. Hennessy = 9814454385445995 = 981+445+438+544+599+5 = 3012

000 Computer Science, Information & General Works

Encyclopedias, magazines, journals and books with quotations.

What it says about you:
You are very informative and up to date. You're working on living in the here and now, not the past. You go through a lot of changes. When you make a decision you can be very sure of yourself, maybe even stubborn, but your friends appreciate your honesty and resolve.

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Oct. 28th, 2008

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Oct. 4th, 2008

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo

Zach's 1st School Picture - Kindergarten, 2008

My little guy is growing up WAY too fast.

Getting these in the mail was a bittersweet experience, to be completely honest.

I'm sure I'll get over it... but I do miss him in the mornings when I'm coming off of the nightshift and Anne's taking him to school.

It's strange not having him around in the mornings, and the sounds of "Sprout" have been replaced with the incessant blathering of MSNBC's "political team."

It's hard for me, sometimes, to not be sad when I see him carrying his backpack and walking out the door. I've cried more than once. I guess it's one of those mutual preparations; for him, it's for the world outside and the promise of enlightenment through the halls of academia in the days to come. For me, it's the fact that we just don't really have much time with our little ones before they're not so little any longer.

I find myself TRULY missing the baby that I used to cradle in my arms and sway to sleep, and his toothless smile when I'd make a funny face at him.

In the beginning, I couldn't fathom that I was ready to have a child. Now, I find it equally as difficult to fathom that he goes somewhere for several hours a day where he doesn't need me.

All in all, Zach's handling his first year of school a whole hell of a lot better than I am.

I hope this gets easier.

All the best,

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo

Oh. And ANOTHER Thing...

November 13th, MoFo's...

See you in Northrend. Last one there is fodder for the Filth Gorger.

All the best,

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo

Surprise. Nothing's Changed...

You are a

Social Liberal
(66% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(18% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid.com: Free Online Dating
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

I don't have the time or the inclination to actually write my screed about the depth of the absolute and unflinching antipathy I feel towards Governor Palin of Alaska... I'll see if I can work something that doesn't sound as "howler monkey" in text as it does in my head. We'll see.

I should get back to keeping a blog. I have a lot to say, just not many people I want to say it all to.

Maybe it's time to re-initiate my therapy.

I hope if you're a friend, that you're doing well and keeping healthy.

All the best,


Mar. 6th, 2008

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo

What's the Big Idea...?

Not only did I have to find out about THIS by accident...:

Bauhaus - "Go Away White"

But there was THIS, as well:

Nine Inch Nails - "Ghosts I-IV"

Working 12 hour shifts and not really having the porthole to see into the music industry that I had once upon a time is starting to catch up with me, it seems.

I highly recommend BOTH, by the way... and I've never steered you wrong before.

Go get 'em.

All the best,


Mar. 2nd, 2008

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo

The Duel

Now, while this won't be necessary for fans of Gaiman's work on "Sandman" at all, I thought that I'd preface the following graphic.

In "Sandman," I believe it was issue #4 or #5 or around there (it was when Morpheus was looking for his gem, his bag of sand, and his helmet - personal effects that had been taken from him) Morpheus went into the "depths" of Hell to get his helmet from a demon who possessed it. When he did, the demon challenged him to a duel, and Lucifer - then regent of Hell - allowed the duel to occur. In the graphic that follows, Barack Obama is the Sandman, and Hillary Clinton is... well... the demon thief that stole his helmet:

My buddy Jim had this on his Journal, and being a fan of both Gaiman and his work on "Sandman," - which seems like an ETERNITY AGO in retrospect - I had to swipe it.

It actually works fairly well.

Hope everyone's happy and safe.

All the best.


Feb. 2nd, 2008

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo

New Ink

Anne, Zack, a couple of the dogs and myself just got back home from a four-day trip up to Franklin, North Carolina. We stayed in a cabin in the foothills of the Smokies. All things being equal, it was a relaxing and much-needed retreat from the foetid humidity and general skank of Florida in January. The trip was conceived for us to take a trip up to the Hickory and Boone areas of NC to kind of scope out the "lay of the land," if you will and to get an idea on what real estate and housing prices are like up there.

We decided to take a trip out to Asheville, which is a VERY interesting city. While FAR from my first time in North Carolina, I'd never made it as far west as Asheville in the past... and I have to say that that is my loss. We made up for it though. It's a very comfortable "southern" town with all of the trappings of the old, Mid-Atlantic cities - i.e., Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston - that remind you that you're still standing in one of the eldest areas of your nation.

We stopped into a little street-side cafe for lunch and while we were munching on sweet potato seasoned fries and a less-than-appetizing Brunswick stew, Anne said "You know... you HAVE been wanting to get your tattoo for a while now. We're probably not going to be able to make it out this way again anytime soon. If you want, we could look for a place here and use it to commemorate the trip?"

It was a fantastic idea. I've been wanting a caduceus tattoo since I passed my nursing boards. To me, it represents a massive turning point in my life - professionally as well as personally - and, in a sense, "consecrates" my flesh to the ideals and my personal philosophies attached to my being a nurse.

So we did some quick polling of some locals in the general area around us who seemed to boast some impressive work to determine which direction to head. The overwhelming consensus was "Empire Tattoo."

Anne and I have had some disagreements over some of the things that I would like to have permanently tattooed onto my body. I like martial images... pagan shapes and iconography as opposed to "tribal" stuff. I like hard, sharp edges and deep blacks. Solid, unmistakable lines, stuff like that. You get the idea. Basically, Anne calls my "taste" in tattoos "pretty much towards a Skinhead bent." Now, initially, the idea was to have a very stylized, martial, eastern-European-esque "Aquila," or "two-headed eagle" with iron wings incorporated INTO the traditional caduceus design and have it take up the whole of my back with the wings stretching for shoulder to shoulder.

Needless to say, that got a nice, solid veto.

So we compromised. I talked to the artist about my idea for a caduceus with a more "intimidating" wingspan. I wanted wings like a raptor on mine... not like a swan or a dove. Joachim, the guy that ended up designing what I envisioned and doing the tattoo itself, knew exactly what I wanted and I never once had to repeat myself or clarify much at all.

We talked about some of the finer points of the sketch, came to an agreement, decided on my left calf, and in about an hour, the final result came across like this:

Now, I know you might be thinking "What's up with the serpents? They look like Slimey, Oscar the Grouch's pet inchworm, man!"

Joachim and I decided not to put a whole lot of extraneous detail into the serpents, as to do so might detract from the wings... and that's REALLY where I wanted the focal point and attention. At a distance, the serpents actually look pretty cool... and they're detailed just enough so that you can tell that they're "alive."

So there it is. I'm more than happy with it, and if you ever find yourself in or near Asheville, NC and are looking for a good place to trade blood for ink or steel, then check out Empire.

Empire Tattoo Parlor
83 Patton Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 252-8282

All the best,


Jan. 20th, 2008

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo

Ascension of the Watchers

Now, it's not for everyone... that's something that I'll come on out and say now. Neither is "Sweeny Todd," for that matter, but hey.

The band's called Ascension of the Watchers. They've recently signed to 13th Planet Records, which is the now semi-retired Al Jourgensen's label.

I dig the sound. It's sort of a fusion between a softer-sounding Fields of the Nephilim with the earlier instrumentation and arrangement of "Fables of the Reconstruction"-era R.E.M.

Throw in a dash of "The Housemartins" or "The Beautiful South" for good measure... and you've got an idea of what this outfit sort of sounds like.

The EP is called "Iconoclast." You won't be able to find it on iTunes, and therefore, you'll be forced to look elsewhere for file download... but I personally think that the finished product is well worth the effort it will take you to hunt it down.

Good stuff.

I'll be looking forward to hearing more from this group in the future.

All the best,


Jan. 19th, 2008

normal, breathing American air, just posting, sitting on my thumb, status quo


Now... maybe it's just me... but the first thing *I* thought when we got a somewhat "clean" look at the "monster" was "Holy shit! Pumpkinhead's attacking New York City."

That and I kept thinking "This movie was MADE to be translated into a FPS for the 360."

I dug it. I was a COMPLETE sucker for "Blair Witch Project," - I've always had a bit of an obsession with "mock"umentary-type movies - and "Cloverfield" is, for all intents and purposes, Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla. I thought it was handled cleverly enough. Can't say that I enjoyed it half as much as "I Am Legend," but I was definitely anticipating it as much if not more than "Iron Man."

There was, of course, a teaser for the Bad Robot/J.J. Abrams adaptation of Star Trek, which it says is "Under Construction" and will be released at the Holidays of 2008.

Hope everyone's doing well and keeping warm.

All the best,


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